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Care of home and family will be the first priority of all Twenty-Fours. Once this is secured they may extend themselves to outer family, their neighbours and close community. Excessive care and possessiveness may be found in those born in the 4th and 6th months. These Twenty-Fours may be too restrained in their habits to suit Twenty-Five partners. All Twenty-Fours automatically take charge of the domestic scene. They resent interference by their partners or other family members in the routine and timetables they set for efficient running of their homes.

Most Twenty-Fours are capable of undertaking a dual role of breadwinner or part-time worker and maintaining a well ordered home. In partnership with a Twenty-Five they do not have to fight for or compete for the role of homemaker. Twenty-Five partners will be quite content to surrender this responsibility.

Though home lovers themselves, Twenty-Fives are not as attached to or drawn to domestic duties. The result of these different tastes will be a happy and advantageous division of duties. Gardening, general household repairs and care of outdoor pets will be their preserve. Having non-competitive egos it is not in the nature of either to give orders or arbitrarily take charge of any one aspect of their lives.

As mutual responsibilities will automatically fall into place, a partnership of equals will be their natural condition. One will not be made to feel subordinate or inadequate by the other. All that Twenty-Fours expect is the knowledge that they have a sympathetic and supportive partner by their side. All Twenty-Fives need is a reasonable amount of space because their temperament is such that they need some time for themselves.

The 7 vibration operating in the background is responsible for this desire. Twenty-Fours take time to perform their tasks. Their decisions and actions cannot be hurried. They make up their minds on any matter after careful consideration and consultation. Mistakes are seldom made.

Twenty-Fives possess better equipment for immediate decisions, especially in emergencies. Twenty-Fours are likely to follow a chosen occupation until retirement whereas Twenty-Fives could have several changes in their lifetime. They need to engage in a greater variety of roles in life. Following conscientious application of their talents both partners succeed in whatever they undertake.

These are individuals who cannot be strictly classified in terms of extroversion or introversion.

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They are a happy medium between these states. Their social needs and general conduct in society is an indication of a controlled social life. As home, family, and their professional or business commitments take up a greater part of their time, not much is left for social activity. When Twenty-Fours engage in social interaction they display conservative tendencies.

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They seek to conform and uphold the established order of society rather than act differently or attempt to change things. Group involvement will be more in keeping with their temperament than prominent roles or solo performances. Despite the limited time they allow for social interaction most Twenty-Fours reach out to the lives of many people in practical ways and as counsellors and confidants. They are, for the most part, undisguised people who present the same face in most circumstances. Many Twenty-Fives prefer to avoid group involvement. They do not possess the same degree of patience and tolerance of different personality types one meets in mixed gatherings.

If individuals, neighbours or groups do not meet with their approval they can gladly resort to their own company. Unlike the Twenty-Four they do not present the same face in all circumstances. People are not always relaxed in their presence as they are not as open as is the Twenty-Four. There is a degree of reserve or an enigmatic quality in many Twenty-Fives that prevents them from reaching out as openly to the same range of people. Despite these differences Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five partners are able to handle their social obligations without disagreement.

Neither will be influenced by social pressures. For different reasons both feel drained when they have remained too long in company and yearn to get back to their private life. Their general behaviour in society is reflected directly in their conversation. To begin with, neither is a great talker.

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In all discussions both prefer to listen before they have their say. As Twenty-Fours project an aura of patience and tolerance they attract people who need to pour out their troubles to someone. Twenty-Fives may give ear only up to a certain point as they are firm believers in self-help. They prefer to see people help themselves rather than constantly reach out to others.

Both Twenty-Fours and Twenty-Fives need periods of quietude in their private lives. They are more at ease during well timed periods of silence than with constant talk. An excess of verbosity will never be a source of irritation within their relationship. Conversation between them and with others will not contain attempts to boost or promote their egos. Discussions on any topic will be carried out with a fair degree of objectivity, undemonstrative body language and a good command of facts and figures.

Following their natural instincts, the different hobbies and recreational activities that these partners follow will result in a well-integrated lifestyle. For instance, all Twenty-Fours have an above average fondness for good food and drink. Quality rather than quality governs their taste. Inevitably, they are enthusiastic cooks. Cooking will be a keen and creative hobby and not just a necessary domestic task. Although versatile Twenty-Fives are quite capable of producing an excellent meal they are not naturally drawn into the culinary arts.

In any case, those with Twenty-Four partners will find that there is no room for them in the kitchen. As nature lovers they will be quite content with their outdoor interests. Twenty-Fours may be content to live in a family home for the rest of their lives but Twenty-Fives may want to upgrade their homes. They are able to adjust with greater ease to new ideas and sudden changes.

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Curiosity is strong in all Twenty-Fives and is limited in the Twenty Four. Some amount of persuasion will be needed to get a Twenty-Four out of home and on to the road when a Twenty-Five feels the need for travel.

As most Twenty-Fours are non-competitive people, participation in social aspects of sport may be more attractive to them than achieving eminence as competitors. Twenty-Fives enjoy competition up to a point. They are, however, more emotionally involved as players or spectators. Defeat is not accepted with the same equanimity as with the Twenty-Four. Many Twenty-Fives are drawn to solitary pastimes such as gardening, fishing, bushwalking, mountaineering, canoeing and other activities in natural surroundings.

They will not find it difficult to persuade their Twenty-Four partners to join them in these activities. Despite their sociable nature there is an aspect in the Twenty-Four personality that is drawn to the peace and quiet of nature. Twenty-Fours are well known for their frugal habits.

Full use of their goods is made before they are replaced. Management of their finances does not escape their frugality. Financial security is essential to their wellbeing. They are discriminating buyers who are not influenced by glossy advertisements or high pressure sales talk. Purchases are made only after they have satisfied themselves of their quality, value and durability.

No risks are taken with their investments. In family expenditure a fine balance will be maintained between thrift and generosity. Twenty-Fives are relaxed in their spending habits. They do not suffer the same restraints when they need to purchase goods they desire. They spend on a wider range of goods and amusements but not to an extent that would harm the family budget. There is an inbuilt safeguard that prevents them from going overboard in expenditure.

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Only calculated risks will be taken by them. Their spending habits may occasionally give their Twenty-Four partners cause for concern but in the long run certain bold moves made by them will be more beneficial than harmful. Twenty-Fives may at times act on impulse but, for the most part, a keen insight enters into all their major transactions. As mentioned earlier, the Twenty-Four is an emotionally stable personality. Because their moods and responses seldom vary, they can be approached at most times without hesitation or fear of rebuff.

Twenty-Fives, on the other hand, do not project the same degree of readiness to accommodate others. There is an element of reserve or distance which is not hostile but private. Their responses may also vary according to their frame of mind. They may often be in a thoughtful or contemplative mood and prefer to be left that way.