Capricorn love horoscope march 2

Your big break is coming and it's related to a passion project that was once put on the back burner for a bit. Time to dust off the cover and get started once again. Take what you need. You're getting ready to learn some amazing new lessons that benefit those who trust your guidance and leadership. Change in an area where you've been working hard comes to you. Strength fortifies you.

Take the time you need for self-care and rest. There's a bittersweet-ness to leaving something familiar and moving to new. A person you love, or that has cared for you comes back into the picture. An ending is really another way to say beginning. It's easy to think that you've got it all covered, but hard work can make you vulnerable in other areas where you need rest. Listen to your body and the signals it gives when it's time to take a break and let others lead the way.

Challenge helps refine you. You remain calm and cool and don't overreact to changes around you. Follow your inner instinct instead of needing to know all the details. Happiness follows. Pay attention to the world around you. Expect more contact with children, siblings, cousins, and neighbors.

You may receive important news or have to make a stressful decision. December 29 to 31 — Mercury trine Uranus on the 30th brings positive change and excitement. Follow your intuition, especially in relationships where you can take a chance to break the ice. Chance encounters are possible and you will be attracted to unusual types of people.