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The kind where you can run when the wind is at your back, and the need to be wise enough not to push yourself beyond your limits when the wind is at your face. That's it for now I'll talk to you guys tomorrow Keep the Faith Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon The daily horoscope for Pisces has a way of waking up hopes, dreams, ideas of the past because this is when there are so many opportunities that were not possible before can happen in an almost effortless way This energy has a way of bringing others closer to you This energy brings out the best of your talents and abilities It is very spiritual energy that happens in an earthy and natural way.

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Daily Pisces Horoscopes from Astrology Source. Homepagers Daily Horoscope Forecasts for Pisces. This site should come with a warning. It's highly addictive. You get at least 30 days of horoscopes here all at the same time so you'll be tempted to read ahead for tomorrow You get the picture!

If you like our free daily Pisces horoscopes, be sure to take a look at the other astrology predictions for Pisces:. Weekly horoscopes for Pisces are our most favorite, and we check just about every day since different astrologers release their weekly forecasts daily. We usually check for monthly Pisces horoscope predictions during the last week of the month. The Pisces yearly horoscopes for cover the whole year ahead. These include this year's Pisces horoscope and sometimes next year's predictions for Pisces. As you would expect, the Pisces love horoscopes give romance predictions for single Pisces and those who are in couples, covering all your relationship astrology.

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the western zodiac. Ruled by Neptune, planet of illusion, Pisceans are the last of the water signs, the others being Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces is mutable and thus flexible and adaptable, like Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini. Pisces is a feminine sign yin. They are some of the most selfless and sensitive souls on the planet.

In relationships, they are generous, kind and loving.

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They have a really hard time accepting suffering and will give charity where it is most needed. Compassion sometimes leave them vulnerable to accepting what they should not, though. They can be easily led and somewhat weak. Idealism can become escapism with Pisceans and that may lead to substance abuse.

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The problem is often boundaries, which brings us to the universal nature of Pisces. They can be very scattered as they explore the everything of everywhere all at once.

Their opposite is Virgo, who tends to be very down to earth and in the detail. Pisces dwells in the infinite and everything feels possible to them.

Weekly Horoscope for Pisces by Deborah Browning:

Of course, in reality, body and soul must be held together in this world. The Pisces Vedic zodiac sign is called the Meena Rashi sign in Vedic astrology forecasts and Indian horoscope predictions. This Vedic sign, Meena, is correct if your birthday falls between March 14th and April 13th. Recall that western zodiac Pisces has its birthday between February 20th and March 20th, so it isn't true to say most western Pisces are Vedic Pisces! In reality, most zodiac Aries sun sign folks in western astrology turn out to be Meena Rashi and should be reading daily Vedic Pisces astrology predictions since their horoscope birthday is between March 21st and April 20th.


The appropriate daily Vedic predictions and Indian astrology forecasts for the majority of western zodiac Pisces is a Vedic daily Aquarius horoscope. Vedic Aquarius sun sign is known as Kumbha rashi, symbolized by the pot, not the fish.

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For the most accurate Vedic astrology forecasts and Indian astrology predictions, consider having your Vedic sun sign, Vedic moon sign and Vedic rising sign calculated, Pisces. That's not a bad idea for your western sun, moon and rising sign either, since you'll get the best readings based on your exact day, place and time of birth.

We hope you enjoy your outlook in our free Pisces daily predictions and Pisces daily forecasts. We also feature your brief and detailed overview in our free daily horoscope prediction and forecast for yesterday, today, tomorrow, this week and month together on one page for each zodiac sign invidivually.

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  5. Alternatively, you can browse today's horoscopes and free zodiac astrology by sign from all over the internet, or you can get links to horoscopes for any sign from one page using the link below. How cool is that?! Today's your lucky day, pisces en Francais, Italian, German or Portugese, we've got the best free daily horoscopes online! Our in-depth personal astrology reports and personalized horoscopes are all about YOU, based on your zodiac birth chart.

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