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Astrology is the ultimate icebreaker. You can connect with everybody. But I do have some really religious clients. I did a reading for a born-again Christian. Muslims from Dubai.

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Since Twitter started, a lot of people found us on Twitter and Google. She still checks in. I had the daughter of an African king who went to Columbia. I helped advise her on what to do when she went back to her country and wanted to set up clean water access. It was an honor. O: I had a famous neuroscientist. Mostly women. Sometimes men.

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A lot of entrepreneurs. T: People who just want to live a rich life. They want to make every moment count. They have a blind spot and we help them. What does a reading entail?

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O: We need their time, date and place of birth. We do their chart. They can ask three questions. They fill out a form.

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They can ask about three people, but of course it usually goes into more sometimes. Just to focus them a little bit. T: We tell people the story of who they are. A lot of times people will say that they listened to the recording a year later and everything that you said happened. How do you work with brands? We did an off-site with Nike. O: We just did the Kate Spade Saturdays lookbook.

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We did a whole horoscope. How do you communicate with your audience? How do you put yourself out there? O: A lot of people find us on Elle and Refinery We did this whole video series with Refinery, so that gave us some good exposure. Twitter for sure. We also do a weekly newsletter on Sunday nights. T: Word of mouth though, really. People read it, they like it and then they send it to their friends. Do you guys have a team that helps you out?

T: We have someone who does social media. We have a publicist and we have a great assistant who is like a shaman.

She loves people. We work separately though. Do you work from home? T: Yeah and we come here, to our apartment in Manhattan. O: I have an office up in Nyack. T: My husband owns a Polaroid camera store in Seattle. I work with him in his store. I need a certain quiet. How long does it take you to do a chart? An hour for a day.

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T: I just feel closer with them. People rarely surprise us. The maps are all wrong. T: Astrology does take into account the shifting constellations. Susan Miller did a great explanation of them on Elle. She says the constellations are just markers, because ultimately the planets are going degress around the sun. The constellations were markers, but there were certain energies that were happening during that time.

Can you prove Christianity? Can you prove shamanism? Can you prove art? How do you deal with the haters? The occasional Sagittarius man. O: I remind them of what the true definition of a skeptic is, which is someone who suspends their disbelief, tries it out, and then forms a judgment. What do you think is the biggest challenge about your profession and what you do? T: Just writing as much as we do. Time never stops.

We never get a day off. What do you find the most rewarding about your job? O: I like to be able to give people a breakthrough of some kind. Helping people stop suffering in their head. What does your average day look like? A mix of writings and readings? T: Mostly writing.