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They have the ability to make others work hard under them. But at the same time, they treat those working under them in a humane manner. They do not expect any favor from others. Rather, people born under numerology number 1 try to overcome their troubles by themselves. They do not want to lose face when they argue with anyone. Usually, they get into government-related jobs or even politics. If the number One is very strong, they will shine well in politics. These politicians will be famous for their integrity Only people born under number One.

While others will be selfish and greedy in politics, the number Ones love to wield their power over everyone. They will be respected by everyone. Their hard work and string policies will take them to the top positions. They possess a strong will and a positive attitude.

They have the strength to go through anything and emerge victoriously. A person influenced by numerology number 1 overcome failures with determination and plot countless new ways and plans to succeed. They love to analyze and learn from new facts. They wish to achieve any good thing in their life only through honest means. They will spend lots of money on their clothes and jewelry to look resplendent.

They do not hesitate to overspend on matters that bring them happiness. Numerology number 1 never likes to advertise the fact that they help others. The number Ones are influenced by the son of Lord Sun, Karnan. Like Karna, they like to fight head-on, directly with their enemies, rather than going in devious, underhanded ways. Remember that Karna was always against the devious plans of Saguni in the Mahabharatha. Though they might get into trouble due to their sympathetic nature, they will be famous for their good-hearted nature.

They openly declare their friendship and enmity without any fear. They are proud and judge everything correctly. They will try their level best to keep their promises. Generally, they do not like laziness and jealousy. They abhor covetousness. These people can be seen to learn more from their experience than education.

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The number One will bring energy and interest in academics. They love to travel to long distance places and mountainous regions. They never compromise on quality for profit. If occasion demands, they even give up their profits for others.

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  • But they can never take the humiliation. They will try to destroy those who humiliated them. But even this will be done in an honest way, without unnecessary violence. If anyone earnestly asks for their forgiveness, even if it is their bitterest enemy, the number Ones will let them off magnanimously.

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    They even help them. Normally they have late marriages. They indulge in love affairs, but they must take care not to be cheated upon. They should spend some time with their wives and invest in their happiness. In order to succeed in politics, they should align themselves with a big party or organization. This is because they do not indulge in dirty politics. They will truly work for the welfare of the people. They will implement plans that will benefit the people even if they are not popular. If the strength of their number is weak, then the benefits and characteristics will vary. They will get into the fields of astrology, medicine, and spirituality.

    They love solitude and like to think and work things out alone.

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    The number Ones have a strong gaze, raised forehead and middling height. They have long arms and curved eyebrows. Their teeth are strong. The have a masculine streak in them. They have a regal way of walking. Women born under number One have a muscular body and masculine personality. Their husbands will come under their dominant personality.

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    The number Ones show their love in a dominant way. They might be affected by light-sensitivity in the eyes and other eye problems. They have beautiful hair and a healthy body. But they might be afflicted with recurring headaches. The days 1, 10, 19 of any month will be lucky for the number Ones. Also, if the sum of the day, month and year are 1, those days will be lucky for them too.

    But the day 28 will be moderately lucky for them. The days 4 , 13 , 22 , 31 will also be lucky for them on their own and bring disadvantage if any job is pursued on those days by number Ones. Mediocre luck can be expected on the days 2 , 7 , 11 , 16 , 20 , 25 , Black and magenta colors will bring bad luck. They will follow their heart in everything and face difficulty in adjusting with others. If they adjust with everyone with patience, they can scale new heights in life. They have enormous self-confidence. They will have careers in government and management roles.

    As the strength of Lord Sun decreases, these people will get along well with others. They will be calm and think before they act. They have a great willpower and self-confidence. But their financial position will be always unstable. They should learn to manage money well. They will have a propitious life. They will be stubborn in their principles. They will show a military discipline in their walk and clothes. They will be interested in learning new things. They will win over everyone with their love and everyone will love to help them. They will rise up in their lives gradually.

    The strength of the Lord Sun is very less. They will suffer from financial setbacks occasionally. They have a soft nature.

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    As they adjust and get along well with others, they will have the support of their friends and relatives. Due to this, they will undertake bail support and suffer in consequence. The combination of number 2 and number 8 indicates avoidable vanity, arrogance and boastful speech. Correcting this nature will help avoid unnecessary losses of money. Taking care in the monetary dealings with friends and relatives will bring happiness. The number One even Life path number: 1 will bring good advantages in career, society, and politics. But the number will bring a few problems in the way of the spouse.

    Only a few people with their birth dates as 1 and name numerology as 1 have a successful married life. Mostly they will have marriage only in name. Even if they get spouses who love them, they will be separated either by work or other reasons.