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The Philippine Star) - September 19, 2018 - 10:00pm

He is now preparing a multibillion-peso project that aims to address poverty in the country. I would not be surprised if his resignation was more about internal politics than allegations of corruption. It was in reference to my statement that Filipino construction workers are lazy and slowpokes. The inference was that it was easy for me to criticize people do-. My newborn baby, Michelle, was at a hospital in Daraga, Albay, in She could only be taken out if I paid the whole amount of the hospital bill.

I think the backaches that I suffer from time to time these days were a result of my carrying sacks of rice on my right shoulder and balancing myself on the plank from the truck to the boat. That experience as a cargador could have broken me. But I decided to learn from it, and to value hard work.

It also taught me to seize opportunities as they are presented. To paraphrase Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist, when you want something badly, everything in the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

In short, the Law of Attraction. As opportunities opened for me in my life, I never forgot how it was to work hard to bring my daughter home. Otherwise, opportunities will not knock on your door. HE fear is always embedded deep in the psyche. It reveals itself when the image of terror is always one that is associated with somebody who looks Arabic and whose religion is Islam. This is so palpable that when some schoolchildren were once asked to draw a terrorist, they drew the image of an Arab Muslim. And the image was reproduced in the imaginations of people everywhere.

For the entire world, Islam has become the representation of a terrorist. There is irrationality in this popular imaging. We know that terrorism has no race, ethnicity and religion. There are Christian terrorists as there are Caucasian bombers.

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In fact, the data show that of the deaths in the US as a result of terror attacks from to , only The greater majority of Basque separatists are Catholic; and so are the members of the Irish Republican Army. The Ulster Loyalists are mainly Protestant. But for some reason, the image of terror as Islamic has stuck in the minds of many. And it is easy to fall into this unfair and irrational stereo-. I remember a few months after , on my way back to Manila after attending a conference abroad, when I, as someone who vigorously resisted the irrational stereotyping of Muslims, nevertheless felt fear when I saw an Arab family board my plane.

I had to recover my bearings, but also understood how it was easy for those who are not well-informed or in full control of their political opinions, and are operating on the basis of what they see on media, to succumb to the unfair and irrational characterization of Muslims as terrorists. The Middle East has always been positioned for objectification by the Western gaze. The modern and contemporary incarnation of this representation found its most unfortunate imagery in what is unfairly perceived as an irrationally violent culture that produces people who would strap backpacks with bombs.

It is tragic that this humanitarian crisis of what can be imaged as a modern-day Exodus of people seeking refuge in the West could now be seen as a form of invasion that threatens the security of their host countries. But it is not at all surprising. What all the citizens of Europe and North America just had to remind themselves to end up with this conclusion is that these migrant refugees are of the.

Reason can always take a leave when fear turns to hatred. And so we see the re-emergence of white nationalism, of the kind that Adolf Hitler celebrated and installed. It is a rhetoric that inspired Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the year-old Australian who brutally murdered in cold blood 50 Muslims worshipping in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Tarrant even mentions Trump in his manifesto where he detailed his anti-immigration Islamophobia as a warrant for what he thought was a defense of white culture from Muslim invaders.

Here at home, we can rest with the thought that there is very little anti-Muslim backlash despite Abu Sayyaf, Maute and Marawi.

Lotto Results 9 September 12222 Nz

In fact, we have even just strengthened the political rights of Muslims through the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. And we have a President who trains his violent rhetoric not towards Muslim terrorists but towards Catholic priests on whom he recently wished death, another kind of irrationality, but irrationality still.

Daily Horoscope: March 8th - March 10th

On average, the premier said, 15 million people entered the job market each year, not counting several million rural migrant workers moving into the cities. In , more than 13 million jobs were generated and the hope is that the same thing will happen this year. This is a particularly sensitive year since it is the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square uprising, led by university students.

Getting jobs for the 8. Foreign relations also came up in the press conference, though sensitive issues, such as the South China Sea, the detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang or the situation in Tibet were not raised. In fact, he said, the two economies have become so intertwined that it is not possible to decouple them.

Asked how the US-China trade war might affect relations with. Locsin, Jr. The way I see it, the withdrawal of the Philippines from the ICC has had little political and diplomatic impact. In recent years, many treaty members have questioned the relevance of the Hague-based international tribunal. Nationalism and geopolitical competition have greatly diminished the appetite for supranational and trans-border institutions.

The African Union threatened a mass exodus of countries but luckily, countries like Nigeria and Botswana halted what could have been a domino effect. The ICC has been hobbled by controversy because its structure and procedure is essentially flawed. Yet, they have the power to refer cases to the very same tribunal whose authority and jurisdiction most of them have refused to recognize.

He said he hoped both sides would view the relationship from a strategic and long-term perspective. The casualties from the Mexican drug war is comparable to the Central American civil wars of the s.