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This is where it becomes problematic for you. While you have it in you to get along with everybody, as you get older, the more stubborn you get.

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This creates a lot of problems for you. You become more detached and aloof. For people born on the 10 th of February, the particular aspect of air that is most relevant to your personality is your need for sustenance. This sustenance plays out in your life in the form of ideas.

You are sustained by the extreme or unusual ideas you believe in. As you get older, you gather more and more facts to support those ideas.

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While this can be good, the way you do things tends to produce negative results. You end up living in your own personal bubble. It is reality. Uranus is remote, distant, and gaseous. It also has a pretty strong gravitational field. As you get closer to Uranus, it becomes harder and harder to pull away.

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  6. This applies to the ideas, and often misconceptions, you subscribe to. If there is anything that would lead you to unnecessary drama or conflicts in your life, it is your tendency to believe your own press and your own ideas. Like it or not, there is a greater world out there and there is such a thing as objective reality. You might want to check in more regularly regarding what other people are saying, doing, and believing in to make sure that you are at least on the same ball park.

    Otherwise, regardless of other positive traits you have, you might do yourself in as far as bad choices go by stubbornly pursuing your misconceptions. This loyalty, of course, has to do with your ideas. You tend to be very loyal to your ideas. You become stuck to them. Know the difference.

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    They might not be as durable and as strong as you think. The luckiest numbers for those born on the 10 th of February are — 1, 5, 13, 16, 24, and Being born on 10th February as an Aquarius individual is like an invitation from the universe to pour the collective unconscious of humankind right into your brain. It can feel overwhelming at times to be so in touch with humanity in ways that are so hard to articulate.

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    But if your birthday is 10th February, never allow yourself to run afoul of cynicism! Being an Aquarius is about being an individual, which means you have to go your own way in life, and that takes courage. Try to learn from a collective point of view of conventional knowledge. The more humble you are as far as the ideas you choose to subscribe to, the more power you will have over your life.

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    Username or Email Address. You instinctively gravitate toward the aspects of your work that… Continue.

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    It's amazing to get a sudden influx of cold, hard cash sometimes, but to you, a sweet glance from a romantic interest will feel like the real lottery win… Continue. It's your birthday, Leo, and you want the world to know it! That's right; you're not ashamed to admit that you want to feel like the center of attention on your special day. Hey, you deserve it. After all, you spend plenty of time making others feel exceptional, so why not get some of that ego boosting goodness delivered right back atcha? Either way, you're ready to party into the night and enjoy every drop of birthday goodness.

    Indeed, no other sign exudes love, warmth and joy the way you do, Leo. You've got a talent for simply being in anyone's presence and making them tremble with instant jolts of happy. Since you've also got plenty of pride, however, you do expect admiration in return. If your light beams aren't met with appreciation or if you feel disrespected then watch out -- you will roar!

    Also, a born leader, you prefer to rule the land -- something you do quite well. Just remember to be a noble leader since you may have a tendency towards bossy bursts of superiority. You tend to shower those you love with extravagant, impressive gifts. And when it's your birthday, you certainly appreciate the same attention to showiness. Drama is your middle name and if there's not a party in your honor this year, you'll be happy to make a night on the town attending a play, concert or other fun, entertaining event.